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Golden Image Award Winners at 2011 SGIA Expo

Honoring the top works from nearly every sector of the specialty imaging industry.

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In New Orleans at the SGIA Expo, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association announced the winners of its 2011 Golden Image Award Competition. Entries were evaluated and judged during the Expo and winners were honored during the Expo's Thursday Night Dinner Party at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel in New Orleans.

The competition recognizes the top works from nearly every sector of the specialty imaging industry. Hundreds of entries were evaluated by a team of imaging professionals, who awarded gold, silver, and bronze ribbons to the best prints. This year's highest honors were given to select winning entries, including:

• Best in Digital Creativity: “Angels Pillow Cover,” Varsha Transprint (www.varshatransprint.com)  
• Best of Show Digital: “Loreal NutriShine Decal,” Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd (www.spectrumscanindia.com)
• Best of Show Graphics: “Inmold Capacitive Touch with LED’s Control Panel,” Canyon Graphics Corporation (www.canyongraphics.com)
• Best of Show Garments: “”Man View Change,” Tarun Print Tech (www.tarunprints.com)/
• People's Choice Award: “Ten Bridges” by Liudmila Kondakova, Kolibri Art Studio  (www.kolibriartstudio.com/)

In addition, the following pieces and companies won awards in the Digital section of each category:

Category 1: Fine Art -- Digital Entries
DigiDitions: Synthetic Chaos, Los Angelos 2011 #1: Andre Schellenberg

Category 2: Posters (Single Sheet) -- Digital Entries
Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Emphasis Jewellery: Andre Schellenberg

Category 3: Posters (Multisheet) -- Digital Entries
Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Häagen Dazs: Andre Schellenberg

Category 4: Transit Advertising -- Digital Entries
Mountain Commercial Graphics: Houston Metro Rail: Andre Schellenberg

Category 5: Fleet Markings (Single Sheet) -- Digital Entries
Modagrafics: Verizon - World Graph: Andre Schellenberg

Category 6: Fleet Markings (Multisheet) -- Digital Entries
Classic Stripes Pvt: Tata CNG Bus: Andre Schellenberg

Category 7: Banners -- Digital Entries
Standard (Chan's) Corp: Galaxy Macau Panorama: Andre Schellenberg

Category 8: Finished Garments (Light) -- Digital Entries
Kokolo: Pelican: Andre Schellenberg

Category 9: Finished Garments (Dark) -- Digital Entries
Kokolo: Picture Globe: Andre Schellenberg

Category 14: Textile Products (Other) -- Digital Entries
Dye Into Print: The Angel Wing: Andre Schellenberg

Category 15: Heat Transfers (Textile) -- Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: Psychedelic Dancer Scarf: Andre Schellenberg

Category 18: Decals/Labels/Stickers -- Digital Entries
Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd: LOreal NutriShine Decal: Andre Schellenberg /Best In Show

Category 20: Retail Displays/Exhibits -- Digital Entries
Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd: Loreal - Color sensational: Andre Schellenberg

Category 21: Back-lighted Signs/Displays -- Digital Entries
Admark Visual Imaging Ltd: BK Beverages: Andre Schellenberg

Category 22: Metal Signs/Products -- Digital Entries
Yunker Industries: Large Wall Graphic: Andre Schellenberg

Category 23: Wooden Signs/Products -- Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: Vagabond: Andre Schellenberg

Category 26: Plastic Products (Other) -- Digital Entries
Modagrafics: Coors Light - Recycle Bin: Andre Schellenberg

Category 29: Glass, Curved - Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: OktoberFest: Andre Schellenberg

Category 31: Nameplates -- Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: Studio 23: Andre Schellenberg

Category 32: Calendars -- Digital Entries
Yunker Industries: 2011 Company Calendar: Andre Schellenberg

Category 34: Ring and Catalog Binders -- Digital Entries
American Thermoplastic: Proposal for Smithsonian National Zoological Park: Andre Schellenberg

Category 36: Heat Transfers (Other) -- Digital Entries
Imprint Plus: Dallas Zoo Namebadge: Andre Schellenberg

Category 37: Unique Applications -- Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: Radha Krishna Gift Box: Andre Schellenberg

Category 42: Interior Design -- Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: Angels Pillow Cover: Andre Schellenberg Best In Digital Creativity

Category 43: Wallpaper -- Digital Entries
Modagrafics: Gold Coast Tickets - Comiskey Park: Andre Schellenberg

Category 44: Vehicle Wraps -- Digital Entries
Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd: Cloud 9: Andre Schellenberg

Category 45: Building Graphics -- Digital Entries
Merisel: Dinosaur Hall: Andre Schellenberg

Category 46: Containers -- Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: Yes We Can: Andre Schellenberg

Category 49: Floor Graphics -- Digital Entries\
Modagrafics: Miller Lite - Patrocinador: Andre Schellenberg

Category 50: Ad Specialty/Promotional Products -- Digital Entries
Varsha Transprint: Mozec Tea Coasters: Andre Schellenberg

For the complete list of Golden Image winners: http://www.sgia.org/events/current_expo/sgia11/recap/gi_winners.cfm

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