Graffiti-Resistant Laminates from Ritrama

4 options protect signage from markings.

Big Picture

Ritrama has developed a line of graffiti-resistant laminates designed to protect graphics and signage from tampering and marking. Each of the four options features a permanent adhesive.

4-1685 is a 1-mil gloss clear polyester film designed with high optical clarity. Available in 54-in. widths.

4-1692 and 4-1693 are gloss clear topcoated polyester at 2 and 4 mil, respectively. Each offers chemical, stain, and scratch resistance and is available in 54-in. widths.

Lastly, 4-1686 is a gloss clear fluoropolymer offering UV resistance, elongation up to 300%, and high heat resistance up to 400 F. At 2 mil thick, it is available in 54- and 60-in. widths.

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