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Graphtec Debuts Two New Cutting Plotter Series

CE3000MK2 and FC7000 lines

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Western Graphtec has introduced two new lines of cutting plotters"? CE3000Mk2 and FC7000.

The FC7000 series Cutting Pro high-performance cutting plotter is for sign makers, graphics artists, and others. Comprising four models"?the 30-in. FC7000- 75, the 42-in. FC7000-100, the 54-in. FC7000-130, and the 64-in. FC7000-160"? the new plotter line is compatible with vinyl and digital media, for use in post-digital imaging contour cutting.

All models offer 4-pt area auto-registration mark sensor, additional plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and Corel- Draw, standard floor stands, and a maximum cutting speed of 58.5 in./sec. The built-in SmartFeed function automatically unwinds and pre-feeds media based upon the plot file length. The cutting plotters are compatible with self-adhesive vinyl films, reflective films, and more.

Optional features include a dual media catch basket, stand-integrated media racks, second penholder, and a pouching tool. Price: FC7000-75: $3995; FC7000- 100: $4995; FC7000-130: $5995; and FC7000-160: $6995.

The CE3000Mk2 is designed for a startup shop and is available in two models"? the 24-in. CE3000Mk2-60 and the 48-in. CE3000Mk2-120. With a top speed of 24 and 39 in./sec respectively, the CE3000Mk2 cutters features a registration mark sensor system, eight user settings, Tangential Control and SmartFeed, and included software (Cutting Master and QuickCut). The cutters are compatible with high-performance and intermediate cast and calendered self-adhesive vinyl film, as well as fluorescent and reflective films, up to 10-mil thick. Price: CE3000Mk2-60: $1795; and CE3000Mk2-120: $3295.


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