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Graphtec Introduces Four New Wide-Format Color Scanners

Adds to CS series with CS500 and CS600

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Western Graphtec has added to its CS series of wide-format scanners with the introduction of the CS500 and CS600 series scanners. Both offer a standard and pro model; the pro models feature high-quality and high-speed scanning modes. The scanners are designed for use by graphic arts, fine-art, photography, prepress, reprographics, and sign professionals.

The 42-in. wide, 24-bit color scanners offer top speeds of 9 ips in monochrome or 3 ips in 8- or 24-bit color at 400 dpi. Top optical resolution for standard models is 600 dpi and up to 800 dpi interpolated resolutions; pro models offer interpolated resolutions up to 4800 dpi.

One of the standout features of the CS600 scanner is its ability to scan rigid, thick originals"?up to 0.8 in. thick. This hands-free operation allows users to turn on the automatic Intelligent Thickness Adjustment mode, and place the original on the scanner; the machine recognizes the original's thickness and loads it automatically. The CS500 can scan flexible media up to 0.06 in. thick.

Both the CS500 and 600 models utilize Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology (also found in Graphtec's CS1000, CS2000, CS300, and CS400 series scanners) in place of the commonly used CCD scanning. This technology eliminates timeconsuming re-alignment and recalibration of the scanning device and means no warm-up time (scanners are ready to go within seconds of turning the power on).

In addition, the SC scanners incorporate a document-handling system to archive old drawings, maps, and other delicate graphic images. All Graphtec scanners include Scanning Master 21+ Driver software, which facilitates scanner control, enables post-scan editing and includes scan-to-file and scan-toprint, scan-to-e-mail, and scan-to-copy functions.

The scanners include FireWire and USB connections. All scanners are ready for shipping now. Expected pricing: CS500: $16,000; CS500 Pro: $18,000; CS600: $19,000; CS600 Pro: $21,000. Both CS500 and 600 models are upgradable to the Pro versions after purchase. (Western Graphtec:www.graphtecusa.com)

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