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GretagMacbeth's Latest Eye-One Color Products

A new spectrophotometer along with color-management software

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GretagMacbeth has announced significant enhancements to its Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer and Eye-One Match 3.2 software, and has introduced a new Eye-One Digital Camera module.

Its b>Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer is now twice as fast as the original version, reports the company"?capable of reading 300 color patches in less than a minute. In addition, it's now fitted with Teflon pads, creating a smoother gliding action. Complementing the tool's speed will be an enhanced version of the Eye-One iO automated chart reader, due to be released later this year; the iO will take advantage of the enhanced speed of the Eye-One Pro device and calculate automatic chart measurements in less than 3 min, reports GretagMacbeth. Owners of original Eye- One Pro units will be able to trade up to the new spectrophotometer.

Eye-One Match 3.2, the newest version of the company's color-management software for use with the Eye-One Pro, is now compatible with Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger). The new version provides users with onestep calibration on industry monitors such as the Eizo CG 18, 19, and 21, and on Lacie Electro b4 models. Eye-One Match 3.2 is available as a free update to all current Eye-One owners.

The new Eye-One Digital Camera module allows users to easily create accurate ICC digital-camera profiles. It features two modes: Easy mode, in which a profile wizard guides the photographer step-by-step, with verification along the way; and Advanced mode, which provides the user with multiple options to adapt profile settings to specific photographic conditions (contrast, exposure, color saturation, etc.). The module is included in Eye-One Match 3.2 software, and is a free download for Eye- One Photo owners who purchased after Dec. 15, 2004 (Digital ColorChecker SG is required to support the module). (GretagMacbeth: www.gretagmacbeth.com)

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