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Group Logic's ExtremeZ-IP File Server 4 and Print Server 4.0

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ExtremeZ-IP File Server 4.0 boasts a new architecture as well as more than 30 new features. The AppleShare file server from Group Logic integrates with both Mac OS X and OS 9, and Windows 2003/2000 Server versions"?as well as Windows 2003 Storage Server and Windows XP Professional.

Version 4.0's new features include advanced caching, plus clustering capabilities that allow users to distribute multiple virtual Mac file servers across multiple nodes, with immediate failover"?providing, says Group Logic, improved uptime and functionality. Also incorporated into the new version is support of Kerberos, the network- authentication protocol adopted as a standard part of Windows 2000/2003 and adopted by Apple in Mac OS X. The ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 upgrade is a paid upgrade.

The company also has released an upgraded, standalone version of its ExtremeZ-IP Print Server, which customers can use both in conjunction with and independently of the company's ExtremeZ-IP File Server product. ExtremeZ-IP Print Server allows Mac and Windows clients to print via TCP/IP to printers and other Post- Script devices. The 4.0 standalone Print Server product provides support for Apple Remote Desktop, multiple print-queue management, detailed logging of print jobs, support for Rendezvous, and more. (Group Logic: www.grouplogic.com)

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