GTI's Vertical Large-Format Viewing Booth

Specially designed lighting for large-format prints

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The VPI, from GTI Graphic Technology, is a D50 viewing station with specially designed lighting for the vertical inspection of large-format digital color prints. It features the Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamp, aluminized high-efficiency reflectors, and spectrally neutral, nonyellowing diffusers in its lighting environment.

Images up to 60 in. in width can be displayed semi-vertically within the viewing station while the viewer can stand at a comfortable distance and take in the entire image for visual comparison with a color monitor image, color transparency, or reference print. The VPI also features a variableintensity option for use during soft-proofing comparisons, a height-adjustable lower ledge to support 3D artwork, and side walls for control of ambient light.

Standard sizes available are: VPI-40 (40 x 45.25-in. viewing area); VPI-52 (52 x 45.25 in.); and VPI-64 (64 x 45.25 in.). Adding an optional lower light source provides more even lighting across the entire printed piece; models available with the additional light are: VPI-40x, VPI-52x, and the VPI-64x. (GTI Graphic Technology:

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