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Handbook on Lean Manufacturing Now Available From the IPA

Applying lean principles to graphics workflows.

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The Association of Graphic Solutions Providers (IPA) has released its "e-Lean Implementation Handbook"? for individual sale.

Part of the e-Lean "Total Learning Experience"? introduced this past June at IPA"?s Technical Conference, the 47-page handbook provides a step-by-step guide for workflow process advancement. It includes information on how to implement cross-functional improvement by all employees, as well as how to incorporate Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Spaghetti diagramming into the digital work environment.

The handbook also reviews a case study that reports on the application of the e-Lean process by a typical company. This analysis shows how the company identifies and prevents sources of waste, defines standard e-Lean workflow practices, and analyzes and improves traditional lean physical workflows supplemented by the e-Lean digital workflows.

The IPA"?s e-Lean process expands upon traditional principles of lean manufacturing and applies those concepts to a digital graphics workflow. The goals of the e-Lean process are to produce high-quality output, decrease project turnaround time, and improve profitability for the graphics solutions provider.

Price: $220 in PDF format, $250 in printed format ($120/$150 for IPA members).



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