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More than 40 sources of rigid media for your wide-format needs.

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Want to be more flexible as a print provider? Get rigid. Rigid media allows a shop to expand its offerings and the types of jobs it acquires. Plus, more rigid products continue to become available – from eco-friendly to easy-cutting options, to those compatible with UV and solvent printing, and many in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

To help you choose the best rigid media for your shop and clients, we’ve assembled the following directory of manufacturers and exclusive distributors of rigid substrates designed for direct digital printing with wide-format technologies (at least 24-inches wide). More than 40 sources are listed, but keep in mind that we’ve only provided a sampling of each company’s rigid products – check their websites for all available media.

The Acriglas Fluorescent, Edge Color, and Lisa acrylic substrates are ideal for P-O-P displays, signs, store fixtures, and more. The smooth side is inkjet- and screen-printable. Available in 22 standard colors and in thicknesses ranging from 1⁄8- to 1 in. Sheet sizes are offered in 4-ft widths for matte, gloss, and textured finishes.

Advantage Distribution
The company’s Eco Advantage rigid media line includes: EcoFoam PVC (70% recycled content) in white, black, and white/black DigiPrint, all 48 x 96 in. x 3 or 6 mm; Earthboard (100% recycled content, repulpable, biodegradable), available in 40 x 60-in. sheets in 0.80-in. thicknesses; Honeycomb Board (made from 100% recycled kraft paper), available in 48 x 96-in. sheets, ¼- or ½-in. thicknesses; and Enviroboard (moisture resistant), available in 48 x 96-in. sheets, 1/8-in thickness. All can be direct digital-printed.

Altuglas International
Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, sheet sizes, and colors, its Plexiglas acrylic sheets can be wide-format inkjet printed.

American Fiber Technologies
FiberBrite is fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels compatible with solvent and UV-curable flatbed digital printing. The panels are available in 49.5 x 97.5 in. sheets and four thicknesses (.050, .090, .135, and .200 mm).

American Permalight
The photoluminescent PermaLight rigid media (PVC, aluminum, and new APTA-compliant High Performance Photo Luminescent) can be used with solvent inks; in various thicknesses and in glossy or matte finishes.

Bayer MaterialScience
Bayer has a long list of polycarbonate sheets including: SL Sign Grade Makrolon, an enhanced UV-resistant product; available in clear and nine colors and in matte. It can be fabricated, thermoformed, and printed upon. In sheets 52- and 75-in. wide.

Booksmart Studio
The company’s inkjet-printable Fine Art Metals, designed for fine-art applications, allows you to print directly on metal surfaces. Available in Brushed Silver, Matte Silver, Satin Silver, Satin Gold, and Satin White – the metals are produced in sizes from 8.5 x 11 to 20 x 80 in., and in various thicknesses.

Coastal Enterprises
Its Precision Board High Temperature (PBHT) and Low Temperature (PBLT) urethane boards can be digitally printed using inkjet. Available in sheets from 20 x 60 in. to 45 x 60 ft, and in various thicknesses and densities.

Its Converd Board is a paper-based, rigid, environmentally sustainable, and fully recyclable alternative for structural signage applications, and is moisture-resistant. In 48 x 96-, 60 x 120-, and 60 x 123-in. sheets standard, and up to 96 x 144 in. max.; in 3-, 4-, and 6-mm thicknesses.

Cooley Group
Compatible with most solvent-based printing systems, CoolFlex Rigid is a 15-mil (custom thicknesses available) rigid PVC sheet engineered for Tri-Vision boards, kiosks, transit shelters, and tradeshow displays. In 48-in. widths.

Coroplast’s Coro-Paque Smooth is a UV polypropylene copolymer co-extruded twin-wall fluted sheet that is water- and stain-resistant and UV-stabilized and corona treated ideal for flatbed printers, the company reports. Compatible with digital printing, Coro-Paque Smooth is available in 48 x 96-in. sheets (4-mm thick).

Also available: CoroGreen, a 100%-recyclable corrugated plastic sheet made from post-consumer and post-industrial polypropylene; available in 48 x 96-in. sheets and 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-mm thicknesses (custom surface colors and sheet sizes available).

DaVinci Technologies
DaVinci’s rigid substrates include Double Opaque Polystyrene and Translucent Polystyrene, both for UV and solvent printing; 54-in. widths.

Decorative Panels International
GreenCore Rigid Print Media (RPM) is a two-sided, ultra-smooth board for UV- and solvent-based printing. Made from raw materials, the media is biodegradable. Available in matte finish in 1/8- and 1/4-in. thicknesses in 4 x 8-ft sheets; can be coated one-side or two-side; can be laminated.

Its Extreme White FoamBoard is a clay-coated board combining a polystyrene core with ultra-vibrant bright white paper facers to create an imaging surface with a higher-perceived whiteness, Encore reports. Extreme White Foam Board can be digitally printed, screen printed, painted, and used for signage; fabrication options include hand cutting, die-cutting, embossing, scoring, and machine cutting. In 1/8-, 3/16-, and 1/2- in. thicknesses.

MightyBull foam board combines a dense polystyrene core with bright-white polystyrene facers to create a durable board that is smooth, easy to cut, and offers chip-resistant edges. In 3/16- and ½-in. thicknesses and various sizes. White and black are standard; custom colors available.

MightyCore is a solid-center foam board featuring an extra-rigid core, ultra-smooth surface, easy cutting, and a chemical-free construction. In ¼-, 3/16-,and ½-in. thicknesses and in various sizes, in white, black-on-black, white-on-black, and white-black-black. UV-curable and Cationic UV inks.

The MightyPrint Expressions line combines the MightyCore rigidity with various finishes, including glossy, canvas, and premier kraft; in ¼-in. thickness and various sizes. UV-curable and Cationic UV inks, more.

PilloCore is a crushable foam board for adding rigidity to P-O-P displays and standees, and is especially designed for die-cutting; 3/16-in. thickness in various sizes. Aqueous, solvent pigments, UV and Cationic UV inks, more.

Foamalite Ltd.
FoamaLite Digiwhite, a foamed PVC sheet designed for digital printing and sign applications, features low weight and superior mechanical properties, plus a white and uniform smooth surface, according to Foamalite. For indoor and outdoor use (weather and UV-resistant). In 2-, 3-, and 5-mm thicknesses and 8- to 10-ft widths. Other FoamaLite versions are also available. Gilman Brothers ( is the US distributor.

Gilman Brothers
Gilman Brothers offers many foam boards that can be directly printed using solvent and UV-curable inkjets. The boards are available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, densities, and surfaces.The company’s InSite series of media includes: InSite Reveal, Insite Biodegradable, InSite Polycoated, InSite Reveal Magnet-Receptive Foamboard, and InSite Flame Resistant. Also available: Ryno Board, Duraplast, Duraplast Biodegradable, and Stylite.

Hartman offers a line of HartBoard substrates for P-O-P exhibits, signage, digital printing, and more. A printable clay-coated, foam-centered board, HartBoard has a polystyrene core, thickness of 1/8-, 3/8-, and 3/16-in., and sheet sizes from 20 x 30 to 48 x 96 in. Harty is a 1/4-in. thick, ultra-rigid, foam-centered board, in sheet sizes from 32 x 40 and 48 x 96 in. Other printable Hartman foamboards include white, clay-coated HartCote (3/16-in.-thick and up to 40 x 60-in. sheets), and an all-plastic HartPlus (1/4-and 3/16-in. thick in 48 x 96-in. sheets).

Falconboard Print is a 100% paper-based, recyclable product made from renewable resources (up to 20% recycled fiber content minimum); it features an engineered paper core and water-based adhesives, coupled with a white printing surface. Falconboard Print is UV- and inkjet-compatible. Available in standard thicknesses, from 3/16- to 4 in. and in standard sheet sizes from 48 x 96 to 60 x 120 in. (custom sizes available).

Horizons Imaging Systems
AlumaJet is an inkjet-printable anodized aluminum that can be used with water-based dye and pigment inks. Standard sheets range from 8.5 x 11 to 20 x 24 in. (custom sizes up to 23 x 48 in.), and thicknesses of 0.005-, 0.012-, and 0.025-in. In matte silver, satin silver, gold, and white, and brushed silver finishes.

The company’s BioMedia Rigid Display Boards are direct-to-print boards suitable for UV print platforms. Ilford’s BioMedia products are designed to completely break down under anaerobic (no-oxygen) landfill conditions due to an enzyme that accelerates the biodegradation process, the company reports, and meet ASTM D5511 standards; they can also be incinerated without the release of any harmful gases or chemicals. Offered in 750-microns and 1.5- and 3-mm thicknesses, and in 48 x 96- and 61.5 x 120-in. sizes; in matte and semi-matte finishes.

Image Micro Systems
MicroStrate is made from 100% post-consumer e-waste, and can be used for sign boards, sign systems, and more. Can be direct-printed with UV, solvent, and latex inks. In 4 x 4- and 4 x 8-ft sheets; custom runs also available. Color: black only.

Inteplast Group
Its InteFoam expanded PVC foamboard with a smooth, matte finish for P-O-P displays and signage can be heat bent, routed, laminated, and pressure- or vacuum-formed into a variety of shapes; in 48 x 96-in. sheets in various thicknesses and colors.

Jain Americas
Its Ex-cel line of PVC rigid media includes Ex-cel Pro, a chemically foamed, rigid, light weight extruded sheet with fine and homogenous closed cell structure with close thickness tolerance; in thicknesses from 3 to 10 mm in 48 x 96-in. sheets. Ex-cel PVC Rigid is extruded from environmentally friendly compounds and has a smooth, glossy finish; in thicknesses from 2 to 12.7 mm in 39 x 79- (gray) or 48 x 96-in. (white) sheets. Other rigid media available.

Kommerling USA
Komatex is a lightweight, closed-cell, free-foam, rigid PVC sheet with a matte finish and is available in a range of thicknesses, sheet sizes, and colors. Komacel Plus is a PVC foam sheet with a semi-rough surface that gives the finished digital print an aged look. The lightweight substrate can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and is available in 10-, 13-, 16-, and 19-mm thicknesses and a sheet size of 48 x 96 in.; 48 x 120-in. size sheets are available on request. Also available in an embossed version. Kommerling also offers KomaAlu and KomaFoam.

Laminators Incorporated
Omega-Bond panels are rigid, lightweight, and feature double-sided painted aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core, designed to prevent bowing, warping, swelling, and de-lamination; 12 color options; Light Ivory and Bronze Metallic were added in early 2012. In 4 x 8-, 4 x 10-, and 5 x 10-ft. sheets.

Alumalite features a corrugated plastic core and double-sided aluminum; wind- and weather-resistant. In 12 colors. The lightweight 3-mm D-Lite panels comprise a high-gloss aluminum surface bonded to a corrugated plastic core and are available in 12 colors; no surface prep required. Pro-Lite comprises painted aluminum faces bonded to a 10-mm corrugated plastic core resistant to water and UV light.

LusterBoard is painted aluminum bonded to both sides of a furniture-grade plywood core; in 12 colors. Also available: Omega Sign Board, Sign Ply, and Econolite.

Lamitech’s Foamboard is a resilient, polystyrene foamcore board sandwiched between paper liners. Its built-in memory allows it to return to its original thickness after cutting. Available in white (smooth, clay-coated paper liners) and black (smooth, matte paper), in stock sizes from 24 x 36 to 48 x 120 in. (3/16- and ½-in. thick).

Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America
Graphic-al OR has the rigidity of an aluminum composite material with a thinner, 0.005-in. aluminum skin and a foamed plastic core. Available in 48 x 96-in. sheets in 3-mm thicknesses.

Graphic-al DP is similar to the company’s Graphic-al OR product but is specifically engineered for flatbed printing and UV-curable inks. 48 x 96-in. sheets; 3mm thick; can be cut with a saw, substrate cutter/router. White only.

Graphic-al LT comprises two skins of 0.010-in.-thick aluminum and polyethylene core. Top and back surfaces are polyester coatings; both sides are covered with transparent protective film. The 48 x 96-in. sheets are available in colors and in a brushed series; 2-, 3-, and 4-mm thicknesses.

Graphic-al OR, Graphic-al LT, and Graphic-al DP are designed for indoor and outdoor signage. Note: The company suggests pre-testing the LT and OR products prior to printing. Also available: Graphic-al HP for outdoor canopies and signs.

UK-based Multipanel’s Alupanel Ultrawhite Digital, specifically developed for the print market, features an ultra-white finish, a new low-tack protective film, and high UV resistance. In 48 x 96- and 60 x 120-in. standard sheet sizes, 0.12-in. thick. Various US distributors.

Nudo Products
Its inkjet-printable products include: PolyMetal, a 3- or 6-mm-thick aluminum on a recycled composite core is available in a variety of painted and metallic finishes in 4 x 8-, 4 x 10-, and 5 x 10-ft sheets; and PolyMetal Lite; a recycled composite core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum, in white only, in 4 x 8-ft sheets and 3-mm thick. Both are compatible with solvent and UV inks.

Palight Premium is a versatile, flexible, lightweight, and durable foamed PVC sheet designed for digital printing (as well as screen printing), and is suitable for use with UV-cured, solvent-based, and aqueous inks. Features a bright-white, smooth, and uniform surface; available in matte or gloss finish and various standard and designer colors. In sizes ranging from 4 x 8 ft to 80 x 120 in., and in two thicknesses (0.118- and 0.236-in.); with or without protective poly film.

Palight EPS (Economical Print Substrate) is a value-oriented foam PVC that is slightly lighter-weight than Palight Premium. In 4 x 8-ft sheets and in 0.118- and 0.236-in. thicknesses. For digital and screenprint.
Palight Outdoor is a foamed PVC sheet for exterior signage and display; rot-resistant and resistant to splitting, it’s available in standard thicknesses from 0.5- to 1.25 in. and in 4 x 8-ft panels.

In addition, Palram also offers: Palsun Polycarbonate Sheet, Palsun CS, Palclear Clear PVC, and Palglas Acrylic Sheet.

Panel Processing
Its Eco-Finish Rigid Print Media is marketed by 3A Composites as FiberMate (see 3A’s listing). It’s a 100% recycled wood fiber panel with a specially formulated white UV print coating on both sides for digital print work (as well as screen printed). Available in standard 49 x 97-in. panels with a thickness of 3.2 and 5.5 mm. Can be saw cut, routed, mounted, and painted.

Features several acrylic media, including Optix DA, an acrylic sheet specifically designed for UV inks and digital flatbed printers; impact- and weather-resistant. No adhesion promoters are needed prior to ink application. Available in 48 x 96-in. sheets and in thicknesses from 0.118- to 0.220-in; clear or colored.

Regal Graphics
Offers Printable Polyethylene and Printable Polypropylene sheets. Polyethylene is stress-, crack-, and weather-resistant; Polypropylene is impact- and weather-resistant. Both can be printed with UV inks as well as screen printing; available in widths up to 48 in. Polyethylene is available in various colors; Polypropylene is available in natural and clear.

The company’s Medite is an industrial medium-density fiberboard (MDF) featuring pre-consumer recycled wood fiber, a smooth hard surface, and good machining. In 4- and 5-ft widths and in lengths up to 18 ft. FSC-certified panels on request. Not suitable for outdoor areas. Also, Medite II and 3D.

Spartech offers a variety of print-grade sheet and rollstock materials specifically formulated for use in graphic-arts applications, including: Rejuven8 Plus which is biodegradable and has enhanced performance over PLA. Designed for P-O-P displays.

Stora Enso Re-board AB
Re-board sandwich board is a 100% recyclable indoor/outdoor board with craft liner. Water-resistant and flame-retardant (upon request) and it can be digitally printed or finished with laminates. Re-board Premium and Basic are available in various thicknesses and sizes (new is 5-mm Re-board).

Texture Plus
Available in nearly 200 faux designs, Texture Plus is a high-density, molded polymer with a water-based acrylic finish compatible with either solvent or UV-curable inks. Will not absorb moisture, warp, rot, or crack, according to Texture Plus. Panels are generally available in 1/2- or ¾-in. thick, and 2 x 4-ft. Panel collections include Faux Bamboo, Faux Stone, Faux Slate and Tile, Faux Brick, Faux Wood, Faux Metal, and more.

3A Composites
3A offers various rigid media options. FiberMate is a wood-fiber panel with an eco-finish, comprising 100% recycled fiber, is 3.2- and 5.5-mm thick and features a white, water-based UV print coating on both sides, to allow for double-sided printing. Available in 49 x 97-in. sheets, it’s designed for P-O-P displays, interior signage, exhibits, and kiosks, and for long-term framing applications.

Dibond consists of two sheets of 0.012-in. aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core. In 2-, 3-, and 4-mm thicknesses, in sizes up to 60 x 120 in., and 12 colors; compatible with digital print.

Its e-panel is an aluminum composite material (ACM) made of two pre-painted sheets of 0.008-in. aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. It’s suitable for direct digital print, and can be saw cut, routed, or punched. In 2-, 3-, and 4-mm, and in sheets up 60 x 120 in.

Sintra is a lightweight, rigid, expanded PVC board with a low-gloss, matte finish. In thicknesses from 1 to 6 mm and in various colors and sheet sizes. Also available is e-pvc, a low-density, lighter, less-rigid PVC board.

Gatorfoam, polystyrene foam between Luxcell wood-fiber veneer liners, is available for direct printing in sheets up to 60 x 120 in. and 3/16- to 2-in. thick. Also offered is Gatorplast.

Fome-Cor, a foam-centered board with clay-coated paper liners, is available in stock sheets up to 60 x 96 and 48 x 120 in. It can be digitally printed directly using water-based, solvent, or UV-curable inks. Foam-X Recovery, a polystyrene foamboard with clay-coated paper liners, is also available.

Tricel Corp.
Tricel Honeycomb’s Tripanel Display and Graphics Board is a kraft paper product fabricated to form a continuous series of triangular cells. It uses up to 85% recycled paper content and is 100% recyclable. Compatible with most inks and can be cut with a knife, band saw, or power saw. In four standard thicknesses (0.5-, 0.75-, 1, and 1.5 in.) and in custom thicknesses up to 4 in.; standard sheet size is 4 x 8 ft (custom sizes available).

United Industries
United Industries offers several rigid substrates with extruded foam cores that are compatible with UV-curable inks. Ultra White DP is a lightweight, heavy-duty, bright-white foam board with a dense extruded polystyrene foam core; 18-pt and poly-coated kraft paper-lined. It can be cut by hand, saw, or with razor cutters. Standard sheet size is 48 x 96 in. (60 x 120 in. coming soon), with standard thicknesses of 3/16 to 1 in.

Also available: Ultra Board, a heavy-duty, all-plastic foamboard with a high-impact polystyrene surface; Ultra Plus, an all-plastic polystyrene foamboard between two layers of expanded PVC liner; available in standard as well as ‘Peel N Stick’ versions, Ultra Core, and Ultra Mount.

Ultra Aluminum Face is foamboard with an anodized aluminum face. Available in brushed or polished gold and chrome, as well as acrylic backed white finishes; white and black foam cores. Thicknesses from 3/16- to 3 in., and sheet sizes up to 48 x 96 in.

Celtec is a foamed PVC sheet designed for high-strength, lightweight applications. The smooth, satin-finished sheets are available in nine colors, a standard size of 4 x 8 ft., and thicknesses from 1 to 30 mm (depending upon color). Digital and screenprint receptive. Its Celtec Ultra White is a solid rigid PVC substrate designed for outdoor applications. Printable (digital and screen), it features a durable, smooth, gloss finish. Thermoformable and die-cutable. Available in 2-, 3-, and 6-mm thicknesses and in 4 x 8-ft sheets. Both are lead- and heavy-metal-free.

Optimized for UV flatbed printers, X-Board Print is a natural, fiber-based board with kraft core for short-term displays and structures. Panels can be UV-inkjet printed direct or decorative laminates can be applied over the board. X-Board Print is available in sizes from 48 x 72 to 48 x 120 in., and in thicknesses from 6 to 16 mm. Also available for print work is X-Board Lite, an open-cell honeycomb board; in the same sheet sizes and thicknesses as X-Board Print.

Xcel Products
Its Rigid Vinyl is a rigid plastic print stock available in various grades and in 25-in. sheet widths, 10 and 20 mil; compatible with digital UV inks.

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