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Hasselblad Debuts 48mm Full-frame H3D DSLR

Available in 22- or 39-Mpxl models.

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Hasselblad has introduced its H3D, a 48mm full-frame DSLR camera system. The H3D system offers a 36 x 48mm sensor, more than twice the size of a 35mm sensor. Available in 22- or 39-Mpxl models,the H3D is a single-shot 16-bit camera that features a 2.2-in. OLED and a specially designed 28mm lens.

The H3D generates lossless compressed RAW 3FR files that are 30- or 50-MB (22- or 39-Mpxl models) or 66- or 117-MB TIFF files. Hasselblad 3FR files can be converted to Adobe DNG files in the camera’s FlexColor software.

The included HVD 90x viewfinder offers image magnification of 3.1 and is designed for full-performance with the sensor. Users can also choose the optional HVM waist-level or the HV viewfinder for use with film.

Hasselblad Natural Color Solution providescolor management in conjunction with its FlexColor imaging software. This software pair allows users to produce reliable

color, skin tones, specific product colors, and other difficult tones.

The H3D is compatible ??"?"?with HC lens line and the HCD 28 with integral central lens shutter. Storage is via 2-GB CF card type II, 100-GB Image Bank, or the camera can be tethered to a computer via FireWire. MSRP: H3D-22, $26,995; H3D-39, $31,995.