Heavy Metal

Image Wizards outputs fine-art prints onto aluminum.

Big Picture

Travel photographer Ken Kaminesky began working with Image Wizards to produce brushed aluminum prints of his artwork a little over a year ago. “The aluminum prints are a very unique way to present these images and really must be seen to get an idea of the effect,” says Kaminesky. “The light brushing of the aluminum can be seen through the sheer high gloss coating, creating an almost 3D look to the photographs.” Although Image Wizards won’t reveal much about its process, it did say that the output is achieved via a wide-format printer using an indirect process onto 92-percent recycled aluminum. Kaminesky’s The Louvre Museum Pyramid on a Rainy Night was shot in Paris after his flight and 15 hours of shooting; available on canvas or brushed metal.

Image Wizards

Ken Kaminesky

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