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Hilord Debuts Solvent Sublimation Inks

Specifically address issues with dye sub on grand-format printers.

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Hilord Chemical has introduced its new Solvent Dye Sublimation inks. This inkset has been specifically tested on the Mimaki JV3, Roland SolJet, and the Keundo SupraQ 3300DS printer, but can be used by any wide-format solvent printer.

The solvent nature of this dye-sub ink addresses some of the issues involved with water-based inks-drying problems, head strikes, and use with grand-format printers. With little water content, the paper does not cockle (thus no head strikes), solvent inks dry faster, and can be used with many grand-format printers.

Available in 1000-ml bottles, the dye-sub inks offer a wide color gamut, vibrant colors, consistent color and density, and produce less wear on the printheads, Hilord reports. These inks are used with the Hi-Load Bulk Ink System, a plug-and-print system.

The inks can be printed onto transfer paper, as well as onto various textiles, coated metal, and carpet.


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