A History of Java-Sack by Sack

JMD Digital Art Xchange output directly onto burlap for coffeehouse project.

Big Picture

Delhi, India-based digital printer JMD Digital Art Xchange was challenged to print the history of coffee in high-quality images and text on hessian bean sacks for the launch of Costa, the Italian coffeehouse chain in India. The hessian (burlap) textile, traditionally used to transport coffee beans, has a loose weave and coarse fibers, making it difficult to print it from rolls.

Using its Vutek PressVu UV 200/600 rollfed/flatbed printer, however, the company was able to directly image onto squares of the burlap stretched onto a wooden frame. In addition, JMD printed a variety of P-O-P graphics for the coffee shops, including 7 x 5-ft menu boards onto Sunboard (a PVC board) and 9 x 2-ft menu cards on MDF. Output of the nearly 4000 sq ft (for 10 shops) took approximately 5 days; onsite installations took another day.

Due to the success of this job, JMD is negotiating to print graphics for all 280 Costa coffeehouses across India.


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