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How to Find and Keep Great Employees

New CD-ROM from NAPL

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Identifying and maintaining a qualified staff is critical to the success of graphic-arts companies. But it can often be the one of the most difficult tasks facing company leaders.

That's why the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) has released a two-hour audio CD entitled "Finding and Keeping Great Employees." The CD features insights that human resources expert Dr. James Harris presented at a recent NAPL conference. He discusses why many companies go awry in their recruiting and retention efforts and provides practical advice and real-world examples of how to get those efforts back on track.

Harris shares the best practices that leading companies use to recruit and retain employees, examines causes of high turnover, and suggests a practical method for profiling employees to identify the organization's top 5% and bottom 5%. He also emphasizes the importance of defining a core culture and aligning human resources needs with that culture.

"Finding and Keeping Great Employees" sells for $34.95 for non-members, $27.95 for members. (National Association for Printing Leadership: 201-634-9600, www.napl.org)

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