HP Designjet ps Inkjets Get New Mac Drivers

Printers now come with remote-proofing software

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At Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Hewlett Packard announced new Mac OS X drivers for its Designjet 10ps, 20ps, and 50ps desktop inkjet printers. The new drivers work with OS X.1 and X.2. Both a raster driver and a PostScript RIP are available.

The printers also now come with software for remote proofing. With this software, users can create files that not only include image content, but also printer profiles and ink settings. The files can then be sent to another location equipped with a Designjet 10, 20 or 50ps, and the destination printer, once properly calibrated, can reproduce the settings from the originating printer. The new software is free to existing Designjet customers and can be downloaded from www.designjet.hp.com.

The site also offers Pantone? tables, ICC profiles, and media profiles for Designjet and other printers "? including profiles for the company's new HP Proofing Semi-Gloss and HP Proofing Matte media. (Hewlett-Packard: www.designet.hp.com; 800-888-9909 or 800-652-6672)

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