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Ideal Introduces 54-in. Magnum XL Scanner

Color images captured in 48-bit color; monochrome images at 16 bits

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IDEAL's new Ideal/Contex 54-in. wide Magnum XL 54 Basic Color Scanner is designed to complement the company's Online ArtRoom. Users can scan in their customers' large-format color images, store them in a browser-based online ArtRoom so that customers can view them quickly, and then sell color artwork prints online.

The front-loading Ideal/Contex Magnum XL 54 can handle drawings up to 54-in wide by any length on media up to 0.6-in. thick. It captures 48-bit color at a rate of 3 in./sec, sending the best 24 bits of information to the computer to enhance color fidelity. The scanner also features on-board real-time color correction and 2D filtering, which can be used for color sharpening, softening, and blurring. Its variable resolution settings of 50 to 800 dpi allow the user to select resolutions in 1-dpi increments. The machine requires the use of WIDEimage operating software for color scanning. (Ideal: www. ideal.com)

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