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Ilford Group Acquires Tecco GmbH

“Tecco adds an important and strategic dimension to our business.”

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Ilford Group AG, the parent company of Ilford Imaging Switzerland, has acquired German-based Tecco GmbH. Tecco is a converter and supplier of coated and uncoated media for the proofing, photographic, production, and laser markets.

”Given today’s challenging market conditions, it was important to ensure that we put our business in a position of strength and create a customer oriented competitive edge,” says Paul Willems, CEO of Ilford Group.

“Both the Tecco and Ilford brands are very well established in their markets and both will continue to operate individually. Customers will benefit from the strengths the alliance now brings to the market. The combination of the outstanding and complementary capabilities of both companies creates a unique offering in terms of product development, breadth of product portfolio, and global customer-service levels. Tecco adds an important and strategic dimension to our business that will immediately benefit our customer base today and also in the future.”




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