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Ilford's IlfoJet Line Includes Instant-Dry Resin-Coated Photo Paper

Well-suited for higher-speed piezo inkjets

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The instant-dry, 9-mil, satin- and glossy-finished resin-coated photobase papers in Ilford's IlfoJet product line are uniquely suited to the use of today's higher-speed piezo inkjet printers as well as Hewlett Packard's Designjet 5000 series. The inkjet-receptive coartings on both products incorporate a patented new nanoporous ceramic matrix to create a very fast-drying surface. The media is also compatible with most thermal inkjet printers.

Ilford's John Placko says the satin paper is particularly resistant to pressure marks and "matting" found on competitive instant-dry media. The 240-gsm base provides the feel and durability needed for a variety of requirements. (Ilford Imaging: www.ilford.com)

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