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Illuminated FreedomFrame from Rose Displays

New edge-lit display system.

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Rose Displays has introduced the Illuminated FreedomFrame, an edge-lit display system. The display utilizes an LED-light panel system, which is concealed beneath the frame's aluminum rails. The LEDs inject light into the edge of an etched clear panel, which replaces the backer board. Users can easily snap the frame open and closed to change the graphics. The company reports that the LED system consumes very little power and works with a low-voltage (12V) power source; the LEDs have an expected lifespan of approximately 100,000 hr of operation.

The display is available is clear, black, and champagne anodized finishes. Additionally, the frame is offered with both a round and square profile and with both miter-cut and non-miter cut corners. Available in 22 x 28- and 24 x 36-in. sizes.



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