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Infiniti FY8180C

72-in. solvent-based printer

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Infiniti's latest printer is the FY8180C"?a 72-in. solvent-based, 4-color printer. The 8180C features eight Xaar 126 piezo printheads and will print on flexible media (sheets or rolls). The ink comes in 300-ml cartridges; a main 800-ml ink tank with an autoflow pump pumps ink from one cartridge to the other.

The 8180C prints onto a variety of media (vinyl, banner, one-way vision film, fabric, and PVC), and offers resolutions up to 400-dpi and speeds up to 345 sq ft/hr in 2-pass mode (at 200 dpi). The printed graphics offer 2 to 3 year durability, without lamination. The printer also features the Infiniti RIP, a low-ink detector and a programmable preheater and dryer.

Price: $24,998; Infiniti printers are distributed by Aeromatrix. (Aeromatrix: www.aeromatrix.com)

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