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InkBig Introduces BigSol and BigJV3 Inksets

Uses the company's nano and High Velocity Cohesion Technology

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InkBig has introduced two new high-performance piezo inkjet inksets: BigSol and BigJV3. With its nano technology and High Velocity Cohesion Technology, InkBig reports that ink particles will remain intact while being deposited from printhead to substrate, thus ensuring a higher resolution and lower dot gain for a clean, crisp, and sharp image. Both are also available for use with bulk ink systems.

BigSol is a true-solvent ink for the Roland SOLJET. Available in standard 6- color (CMYKcm) or Hexachrome (CMYKOG) inksets, BigSol offers 2-year outdoor durability unlaminated, or 5 years laminated.

BigJV3 is a solvent ink for use with Mimaki JV3 printers, with a 3-year outdoor durability unlaminated or 5 years laminated.

InkBig has also introduced CrystalAd WB, a water-based substrate pretreatment. This optically clear pretreatment is a manually applied coating for rigid and semi-rigid substrates for use with UV-curable inks. It works well on glass, wood, some metals, and various plastics including polycarbonate and polystyrene. (InkBig: www.inkbigco.com)

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