Inkjet-Printable Roll metal from Metallurgy

Designed for water-based printers.

Big Picture

Metallurgy in the UK has announced a new inkjet-printable metal on a roll. Designed for water based inkjet printers, the highly reflective metal has an inkjet receiver topcoat and comes with a permanent adhesive backing. The product is compatible with water-based inks and many types of large-format printers including Epson, HP, and Canon .

Post printing, the metal can be cold- or hot-laminated or spray coated with a fine-art protection spray. The metal can be easily cut with a blade or die cut on a standard vinyl cutter. To mount the metal, the backing film is removed to expose the adhesive and mounted on top any clean dry surface such as plastic, glass, paper boards, or wood.

Available in 24- and 36-in.-wide rolls.


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