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Inkjet Transfer Technique DVD from DASS

Instructional DVD is now being sold.

Big Picture

Digital Artist Studio Seminars (DASS) has released "Inkjet Transfer Technique," a 2-hr instructional DVD by artist Bonny Lhotka that covers eight processes for transferring inkjet prints to other surfaces using gelatin, gels, and fresco gelatin. The processes include: white marble fresco, gelatin glaze layered fresco, alcohol gel transfer, gelatin acrylic parchment skin, gelatin acrylic paint transfer, white fresco distressed paint transfer, salvaging a custom substrate, postcoats, and gelatin glaze postcoat.

All processes are suitable for desktop and wide-format printers using pigment inks. The processes covered require the use of inkjet media like DASS Transfer Film or other media with a water-soluble coating. DVD price: $43.


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