InkTec Launches Jetrix LXi8 UV LED Flatbed

For printing signage, interior décor, and more.

Big Picture

InkTec has released the Jetrix LXi8 UV LED flatbed printer for applications including short-term outdoor signage, window graphics, interior décor, furniture decoration, industrial keypads, spot varnishing, wood prints, and more. The machine spans 126 in. and prints up to 2207 sq ft/hr. Features include a zonal vacuum system with automated pin registration, an automatic anti-printhead crash system, a laser-guided safety sensor, and a max. resolution of 1080 x 720 dpi. Compatible with materials up to 3.94 in. thick.

The LXi8 is available in three configurations: 12 channels (dual CMYKcm), 14 channels (dual CMYKcm + white), or 16 channels (dual CMYKcm + white, varnish, and primer).

Jetrix Graphical User Interface is included. An ionizing anti-static system is optional.

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