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Innovative Solutions INX Unveils BlueStreak

ISI Upgrades Blueboards to improve speed and resolution.

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When is a Blueboard not a Blueboard? When it’s transformed into the BlueStreak. Shops utilizing older Nur Blueboards can now have their machines upgraded to address the speed and resolution limitations inherent in those printers and converted from solvent to UV inks.

In conjunction with a group of Blueboard owners, Innovative Solutions INX (ISI) has devised a solution that allows Blueboard owners to retain the solid body of the machine, but upgrade the technology with new heads, inksets, and faster speeds. ISI upgrades the Blueboards in-shop. The imaging unit of the Blueboard is pulled and is replaced with 8 Spectra Galaxy printheads, which offer resolutions up to 400 x 200 dpi, speeds up to 1000 sq ft/hr, and utilize environmentally friendly UV-curable inks.

Just as with the original Blueboard, the resultant BlueStreak is designed to print billboards, and the BlueStreak continues to offer print widths up to 198-in. with no change to existing Blueboard media-handling capacities-although the platen is replaced to improve print registration and media movement. The BlueStreak offers a variety of user-selectable speeds, and is capable of handling more than one media roll for increased throughput of panelized work.

The new UV-curable inks from Triangle Digital offer a 4-color bulk-ink system and heated ink delivery for better resistance to humidity and temperatures. The UV-curing system uses a microwave-powered, dual-lamp Fusion UV-curing system, sans a shuttering system to reduce the number of moving parts.

ISI also completely revamps the existing computer software and firmware and adds an automated printhead purging system. A Wasatch SoftRIP is optional.

"There’s no need for users to scrap their Blueboard investment; we simply transform it into a high-quality UV printer that uses time-proven media handling and mechanical systems," says Randy LaCaze, ISI’s chief technical officer. "What’s more, there’s no costly shipping or heavy equipment handling; no additional facility space needed. And existing spare parts are still usable."

Price: $135,000.

In April, Innovative Solutions Inc. announced that it had been purchased by INX International, which also bought Triangle Digital in early 2006.