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Insider Software Offers Smasher Font Utility

Allows users to view all fonts in a suitcase.

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Smasher version 1.5 is Insider Software's multipurpose font utility. After setup, Smasher automatically addresses problems seen in Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office, and Mac OS X.

Smasher allows users to view all fonts in a suitcase--including legacy Mac OS 9 suitcases that may contain numerous fonts from a multitude of families and foundries--and it then "smashes" the suitcases into their smallest components. To do this, a user drags the suitcase into Smasher and clicks the "smash" button, which then creates more manageable suitcases.

Other features: Users can see file location, type, and dates, as well as owner and user permissions; clean up fonts quickly by checking font integrity, separating TrueType from Type 1 fonts, and keeping bitmap and printer fonts together; preview styles in their native typeface and compare the contents of different suitcases; set OS 9 fonts free by smashing old suitcases or converting OS X dfonts into TrueType for use in OS 9; smash Mac OS X font catches; and make Quark, Adobe, and Microsoft applications work right, find missing fonts, and make problem fonts behave.


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