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Integument FluoroGrip Films for Graffiti Protection

Clear films provide graffiti protection for a variety of surfaces.

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Integument Technologies has introduced its new peel-and-stick FluoroGrip fluoropolymer films. These clear films provide protection from graffiti on a variety of surfaces such as signs, steel and concrete structures, equipment, glass, andother surfaces in public places. Paints, acids, dirt, and grime are easy to clean from graphics protected with FluoroGrip, the company reports.

Compatible with inkjet-printed graphics, FluoroGrip is a UV-stable Teflon film that retains full transparency and creates a permanent bond with the surface. FluoroGrip is available in thicknesses from 1 to 30 mil, and widths up to 52 in.


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