InteliCoat Introduces New Polycarbonate

To facilitate production of reusable trade-show graphics

Big Picture

InteliCoat's new Magic? brand polycarbonate film (TSG-12) for aqueous-system piezo and thermal inkjets is designed to make it easier to fabricate rigid, translucent frontlit or backlit trade-show graphics that can be repeatedly rolled and unrolled.

The 12-mil film's inkjet-receptive coating is on the underside of the film, so that the film itself provides the necessary rigidity and protection. Images are printed in reverse on the back of the film, and then protected with a compatible white-vinyl backing film. The protective, polished front surface of Magic's TSG-12 film is designed to show a high color gamut with miminal glare, even under the bright lights of the trade-show floors. To ensure that the two components of the graphic remain neatly bonded during shipping, the film is designed to adhere well to the Magic white vinyl backer (DMWVA-10). (InteliCoat Technologies:

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