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InteliCoat's New Media

Product line expands.

Big Picture

InteliCoat recently introduced several new media.

* Magic Total Photo-M is a 6.5-mil universal photorealistic matte paper with a smooth surface. It’s compatible with solvent and aqueous inksets and is available in rolls up to 60-in. wide.

* Magiclee Fab-Tac is an 8-mil, 100% polyester fabric with a low-tack, non-permanent, repositionable pressure-sensitive adhesive that is compatible with aqueous inks. Since it can be reused and reapplied, applications include flags, displays, window treatments, window backlits, and wall murals. It has a high degree of whiteness and color gamut. Available in 36- and 50-in. rolls.

* Magiclee Novara Backlit is a 6.7-mil polyester film that’s compatible with Epson and Canon aqueous pigmented-ink printers. The inks and its waterfast coating allow the backlit film to be used for outdoor signage, with or without backlighting. Available in rolls from 17- to 44-in. wide.

* Magiclee Verona 250HD is a 100% cotton, smooth fine-art paper. Offering clean, sharp images and a large color gamut, this 250-gsm high-definition, natural white paper offers a matte finish and is designed for digital applications such as art reproductions and photographic printing. It features a water-resistant coating, is free of optical brighteners, and is available in 17- to 50-in. rolls.

In addition, InteliCoat Technologies has created the Magic Technical Bulletin for Recycle and Disposal. It provides information on InteliCoat products to help customers implement recycling programs for post-print media.


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