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iPF9000S and the iPF8000S from Canon

Designed for production environments, printers feature 8 colors.

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Canon has introduced two S-series models of its imageProGraf printers -the iPF9000S and the iPF8000S. Designed for high-volume production environments, the S-series models offer a 40% increase in speed over the existing iPF9000 and iPF8000.

The 60-in. iPF9000S offers a high throughput speed up to 403 sq ft/hr while the 44-in. iPF8000S features a high speed up to 350 sq ft/hr. Armed with a maximum resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi, both printers also feature a new Economy print mode, which produces 1200 x 1200-dpi output at 211 sq ft/hr on coated and uncoated media while regulates the use of photo cyan and photo magenta to reduce ink consumption by 10% to 20%, Canon reports.

The printers use a dual printhead system and feature a total of 30,720 nozzles producing 4-pl ink drops. With an 8-color Lucia pigment ink set (CYMK, photo C, photo M, matte K, and gray), the printers are able to employ up to 5120 nozzles per color. In addition, the nozzles are arranged so that the ink droplets for cyan, photo cyan, and photo magenta will be fired in the same sequence in both forward and reverse passes in order to reduce subtle color variations and to allow for faster printing with fewer passes and better color evenness.

Both printers accept media up to 0.8 mm-thick and utilize a media-skew correction feature to detect and correct improper paper alignment. Additionally, the printers boast an 80-GB hard drive, which allows additional jobs to be queued without burdening networked computer systems.

The S-series printers incorporate features utilized by imageProGraf graphic-art printers, including Canon's L-COA processor, Kyuanos color-management technology, built-in color calibration for color stability, automatic clogged-nozzle detection, the ability to replace empty ink tanks on-the-fly (700- and 330-ml selectable ink capacities), and a large backlit LCD panel.

Software included with both models: Printer Driver 2007, Digital Photo Front-Access, Print Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Print Plug-in for Digital Photo Professional, and Printer Driver Extra Kit. Canon's new PosterArtist 2007 is optional.

Price: iPF9000S, $14,995; iPF8000S, $5995.


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