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Iridescent Precoats from InkAid

Pearl, silver, gold, red, and blue.

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Artists, photographers, and designers printing onto porous surfaces (like paper) and non-porous surfaces (such as metal) can now add an iridescent glow to their prints with InkAid Iridescents. The new Iridescents are available in pearl, silver, gold, red, and blue. Premixed with glowing tints, this one-step product contains both an adhesive and precoat for inkjet printing and will adhere to most surfaces.

"Iridescents were formulated to allow the user to add a lustrous undertone to photographs and original art," says Jim Kedenburg, product manager of inkAID. "Now artists can create a sheen under an entire image or just under selected areas."

Surfaces coated with these new precoats have a glossy finish that enhances the luminous effect. Metals take on a colored sheen, while prints on paper coated with inkAID Iridescents have a metallic tone.

After coating, some media may need to be pressed flat to fit into the printer. Hanging paper as it dries helps minimize wrinkles and gives the whole sheet an even coating. Color profiles will probably have to be adjusted, especially when the substrate is not white.


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