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ISI Debuts ISIJet 3400 Grand-Format Printer

Accomodates media up to 134 in. wide

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Innovative Solutions has introduced its new superwide outdoor printer"?the ISIJET 3400. This 4-color printer uses 72 piezoelectric inkjet printheads, solvent-based pigmented inks in 3.2-l tanks, and a builtin drying system so prints are dry before they are rolled onto the take-up reel.

Accommodating media up to 134 in. wide, the 3400 can simultaneously print onto two 64-in. rolls to boost production speed. It boasts speeds up to 1900 sq ft/hr (with a "cruising/sellable work" speed of 980 sq ft/hr) and resolutions up to 360 dpi. The ISIJet 3400 can print onto a variety of flexible media including outdoor durable paper and vinyl for use as billboards, banners, vehicle graphics, building wraps, and more.

ISI reports that this is an industrial-strength machine, intended for 24/7 operation and features an integrated ventilation hood for direct hookup to a fume-exhaust system. For ease of maintenance, the ISIJet has an automated vacuum purging system that can be used on-the-fly, even during printing. Options include: roll-to-sheet output, heavy roll supply and take-up, Wasatch SoftRIP, and an infrared drying system. List price: $180,000. (Innovative Solutions Inc. (ISI): www.goisi.com)

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