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JDF Guide for Managers Available from BRIDG'S

Handbook explains JDF, answers common questions.

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The BRIDG’S Committee has released "JDF Guide for Managers," an instructional handbook that explains JDF (Job Definition Format) to the key decision makers of a company.

The 32-page guide provides a detailed overview of JDF and explains how to implement a JDF workflow. While describing how JDF can lead to increased productivity, the handbook also looks at the possible setbacks that could be encountered throughout the application process. Additionally, the guide examines trends in JDF over the past few years and discusses the future of JDF.

While acknowledging that the cost of JDF integration depends on a company’s specific needs, the booklet identifies general costs that may be incurred, such as making existing equipment JDF-compliant and increasing IT staff or hiring outside help to assist in the implantation of JDF. The guide also acknowledges that while an immediate return on investment may be hard to determine, the clear benefits of JDF include cost reductions due to few operator costs, better reporting and analysis, less manual intervention and redundant work, faster and more accurate billing, and increased process efficiency.

The handbook is available for purchase through www.printtools.org.

Price: $4.50 (discount on multiple copies).


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