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Jetrion 6500 Solvent Inks for Xaar Printheads

Available in 4- or 6-color, and Hexachrome.

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Previously only available for benchmarking by wide-format OEMs, Jetrion's 6500 solvent inks are now available for purchase by end-users/owners of wide-format printers using Xaar 128 or 126 printheads.

The 6500 solvent inks -- available in 4- or 6-color (CMYKcm) and Hexachrome (CMYKOG) --produce less clogged nozzles and printhead maintenance, says the company, and print onto a variety of vinyl, synthetic and paper substrates used in outdoor environments. Formulated with automotive-grade pigments, the inks offer 2-yr outdoor weather resistance and a shelf life of 12 months.

Jetrion reports that because the inks are free of n-methyl pyrrolidinone (NMP), the inks are more gentle on the printhead itself. NMP tends to attack the printhead components (such as adhesives) leading to a shorter life for the heads, and resulting in higher operating costs; NMP-free inks, says the company, significantly extend the life of the printheads.

End-users can purchase Jetrion 6500 Solvent inks directly or through distributors; they're available in bottles and bulk quantities.


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