Job Log: Not Run-of-the-Mill

A massive banner adds color to a blank building.

Big Picture

The Client

Supreme Rice, Louisiana Rice Mill

The Players 

Pixus Digital Printing

Tools & Supplies 

HP Expedio XP5500, Ultraflex Ultima Pro FL Matte 13 oz, Alpina Banner Grip Frame

The Job

After many years of drivers on West Mill Street passing Louisiana Rice Mill’s large, blank building with corrugated tin siding, the export company decided it was time to give travelers something to look at. One of the mill’s newest brands, Supreme Rice, put its ad agency to work, searching for the perfect print partner “to make a larger-than-life piece that makes a statement.” Pixus Digital Printing was called to the job.

“At the end of the day, you’re talking about something probably twice the size of a typical billboard – much larger than any one or two people could handle.” — Charles Sarver, Pixus Digital Printing general manager.


“We had this huge side of the building, so we asked ‘what can we make happen?’” Charles Sarver, Pixus general manager, recalls saying after seeing the rice mill for the first time. Pixus envisioned the corrugated tin siding as a massive canvas and decided a colossal banner with a giant framing system to match would do the trick.

The Pixus team visited the site to take precise measurements for calculating just how much material could be used and supported by a framing system. And for good reason – the shop designed and imaged a banner spanning 900 square feet total. “It was around the neighborhood of 300 pounds just for the graphic itself,” says Sarver. “The designers had their hands full when designing a graphic like that.”

Pixus output the banner onto Ultraflex Ultima Pro FL Matte 13 oz using their HP Expedio XP5500 printer (also known as the HP Scitex XP5500). The ginormous banner was installed over the course of one week by seven installers on cherry pickers.

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