Just Normlicht Assembles Color-Managed Studio Light System

Compact unit for professional tabletop photography

Big Picture

Ad agencies, design studios, and graphic-arts companies setting up their own in-house digital photography studios may be interested in the Studio Light System 5000 from Just Normlicht. The professional tabletop photography studio provides a self-contained, efficient working space for shooting product shots and catalog photos.

Studio Light 5000 features three adjustable lamps (with special reflectors) on mobile support arms that serve to optimize light distribution. To support color-managed printing workflows, the lights provide constant daylight with D 50 (5000 Kelvin) color temperature and absolute flicker-free light. Barndoors can be used to guide the light to an exact position.

The Studio offers a 50-in. wide x 43-in. deep x 32-in. high working surface that is equipped with dimmable transmissive lighting. The complete package retails for $6500. (Just Normlicht, Inc.: 800-248-5878, www.justnormlicht.com)

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