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Just Normlicht's New Color-Correct Viewing Stations

Control Station/proofStation

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JUST Normlicht's Control Station Large Format is for viewing large-format prints under color-correct lighting. It is available in three sizes"?from 48.5 to 81 in. wide"? and all sizes are available with overhead asymmetrical lighting or overhead and base lighting for even more illumination. The station uses Just Normlicht's LED/TLSI lighting technology that indicates when relamping is required.

For viewing digital proofs, the company has introduced proofStation, a colormatching system that incorporates Just Normlicht's latest lighting technology for uniform and non-reflective illumination over an entire viewing surface. ProofStation also includes computer software that calculates neutral-colored reflectors and prism glass in the overhead moduLight. Every proofStation light uses Just Normlicht Color Control Daylight 5000 fluorescent tubes, which meet ISO 3664:2000 standards for color temperature, light intensity, color rendering index, and spectral power distribution. It also uses the company's LED/TLSI technology. ProofStation is available in a 28 x 20-in. size as a freestanding or tabletop version, and also in a 40 x 28-in. size with two shelves or with one shelf and eight storage drawers. (Just Normlicht: www.justnormlicht.com)

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