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Kapco Introduces New Adhesive and Laminates

Mounting film and pressure-sensitive laminate

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Kapco has designed a new Optically Clear Double-Sided Adhesive, a permanent/removable mounting film for when ultra-transparency is vital. For applications on widows, glass, or clear boards, this film offers users the ability to easily change out graphics. It's available in 38 to 60 in. widths.

Kapco's Pressure Sensitive UV Vinyl Laminates are 3.2-mil calendered vinyl with a permanent acrylic non-solvent adhesive. The UV laminate offers moisture and abrasion resistance as well as UV light protection. It's compatible with output from solvent inkjets, is available in seven widths (from 25 to 61 in.), and offers matte, satin, luster, and gloss finishes. (Kapco Graphic Products: www.kapcographics.com)

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