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Kentmere K.Outlook Window Media

Compatible with dye and pigmented aqueous inks.

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Kentmere Photographic has introduced K.Outlook, a reverse print, self-adhesive film for short-term (up to 2 mo) P-O-S window displays. With excellent color saturation and fade-resistance, Outlook offers a low-tack, easily removable (with no residue) self-adhesive layer.

K.Outlook comprises a 100-micron Melinex film base and a multi-layer matte coating (bonded onto the film). It’s compatible with dye and pigmented aqueous inks from Epson, Mimaki, Roland, and Mutoh, as well as HP, Encad, and MacDermid ColorSpan printers using dye-based aqueous inks.

For use at night, the material can be illuminated with low-wattage spotlights to provide high impact, backlit displays. It’s also safe to apply to windows coated with special bomb-blast film (used in many large windows in city centers).

Because the printed layer is exposed, the company suggests laminating the print with a pressure-sensitive laminate before mounting it onto a window. Available in 24- to 50-in. rolls. Kentmere has several distributors in the US.


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