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Keundo Offers SupraCoater LR 3300 Laminator

With increased width and speed

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New from Keundo is the SupraCoater LR 3300. The new liquid laminator is an upgraded version of the LR 3200. However, the 3300 now offers a wider format--130 in. wide, versus the 118-in. 3200. Also, while the 3200 had a maximum speed of 5.5 ft/min, the new 3300 offers speeds up to 6.5 ft/min, coating media up to 3900 sq ft.hr.

As a bonus for SupraQ owners, the 3300 is now compatible with the SupraQ--the media from the SupraQ can be fed directly into the 3300 for lamination. This saves time by eliminating the need to rewind the printed media to a roll after printing.

In addition, the company reports, Keundo's LR 1600 liquid laminator is also being redeveloped. (Keundo: www.keundo.com)

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