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Kodak to Acquire Scanner Division of Bowe Bell + Howell

Includes company's Infinity wide-format scanners.

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Eastman Kodak Company has agreed to acquire the scanner division of Bowe Bell + Howell. Bowe Bell + Howell scanners include: wide-format Infinity WF Scanners that capture oversized documents, such as maps and blueprints, up to 48-inches in width; Spectrum XF Scanners featuring Bowe Bell + Howell proprietary camera technology and high scanning speed for capture in color, grayscale, and black-and-white; Tr??per Scanners that offer high scanning speed for daily throughput; and Sidekick Scanners for small businesses.

"We expect this acquisition, when completed, will enable us to expand customer value by providing a wider choice of production scanners, greater technological innovation to help us bring new, exciting products to market faster, and will enhance global access to service and support for channel partners and end user customers worldwide,' says Philip J. Faraci, president and chief operating officer of Eastman Kodak.

Bell & Howell, begun in 1907, entered the scanner business in 1986 after making a name for itself in camera, film, and projector technologies. The company was acquired in 2002 by German-based Bowe Systec, and added the Infinity wide-format scanner line in 2007. Bowe reports that the scanner division, based in Chicago, generated revenues of approximately $32 million in 2008.



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