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Kodak and Bibble Technology Agreement

Cross-licensing and co-marketing agreement creates workflow improvements for imaging professionals.

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Eastman Kodak Company and Bibble Labs have announced a cross-licensing and co-marketing agreement that will allow both companies to offer new, improved products to imaging professionals.

Under the agreement, Kodak is licensing to Bibble two proprietary technologies: the Kodak ColorFlow Color Management Module (CMM) and the Kodak ColorFlow ICC Input API. New versions of Bibble's professional workflow software will integrate both of these technologies to create a best-practices data path for generating finished files suitable for display and printing on Kodak output systems with minimal image adjustments, the companies report.

In return, Bibble is licensing to Kodak its RAW format library and conversion engine. Using this tool in select Kodak output systems will enhance interoperability allowing for easier printing from RAW-format files. Photographers will be able to carry out their image optimization in RAW mode and pass that information on to labs along with the original RAW file. The lab will then be able to take in both the original RAW file as well as the file containing the photographers suggested modifications into lab-software architecture for further processing and printing. The result, say the companies, will be an even higher level of image quality and satisfaction between lab and photographer.

The first RAW-enabled system integrated into DP2 Version 8.1 is expected to be available later this year.



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