Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated from EskoArtwork

Designed to fully automate finishing of short-run, digitally printed materials.

Big Picture

The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated from EskoArtwork is a digital system designed to, as its name indicates, fully automate the finishing process. Oriented toward short-run digitally printed materials, the i-XE10 Automated comprises:

• i-XE10 Digital Finishing System—digital finishing table that can accept material as large as 35 x 47 inches; features include rack-and-pinion X/Y drive with precise motion control, a fast servo system, and a comprehensive toolset.

• i-hs High-Speed AutoFeeder System, which auto-loads flexible materials such as paper, folding carton, pressure-sensitive vinyl, polycarbonates, etc., up to 24 x 28.5 inches (L x W) and 0.25-inches thick.

• i-hs High-Speed Part Stacker System, which picks up cut-outs or entire sheets from the cutter conveyor and stacks on the lift table; 16 suction-cut positions allows for any sheet size up to 26 x 31 inches (up to eight stacks); waste is automatically discarded.


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