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KPG Introduces Free Matchprint Virtual Certified Program

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Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) has introduced the Matchprint Virtual Certified Program"?a free service that recognizes a user's ability to generate timely, colorcritical monitor proofs via the company's Matchprint Virtual Proofing System.

Certified users will appear on a Matchprint Virtual Proofing Certified website, where those interested in employing the benefits of KPG's monitor proofing solution can link directly to an approved vendor's homespage for more information.

The Matchprint Virtual Proofing System- LCD combines one of five approved LCD monitors (Eizo ColorEdge 21-in., Apple Cinema Display 20-in. plastic; New Apple Cinema Display 20-in.; New Apple Cinema Display 23-in.; or the Apple Cinema Display 30-in.) with Matchprint Virtual Proofing Monitor software, a Matchprint Virtual calibrator, and a full suite of RealTime- Proof Web-based proofing tools.

"This program gives graphic-arts professionals a tool for taking advantage of the system by identifying vendors committed to providing their customers with [this] solution," says Rob Pipe, KPG's worldwide director for monitor and remote proofing. "Furthermore, the program is available to customers who have integrated the Matchprint Virtual application into their own website or digital asset- management solution, such as Xinet's WebNative or Chuckwalla." (Kodak Polychrome Graphics: www.kpgraphics.com)

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