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KPG's Matchprint Color RIP Gets One-Bit TIFF Interface

Helps users implement a ROOM workflow

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Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG)'s One Bit TIFF Interface (OBTi) allows users of the Matchprint Color RIP to proof separated screened one-bit TIFF files on a large-format inkjet proofer. They can optimize their proofing and print production processes by implementing a ROOM (RIP Once Output Many) workflow and using the same files generated for the proof to produce the plates for the pressroom.

KPG's free TIFF test is available for download from the company website. This application determines the compatibility of a TIFF file with OBTi, and it also diagnoses possible problems with TIFF files.

OBTi is compatible with multipage, multicolor one-bit TIFF files created by Creo Brisque, Prinergy, Presstek ECRM, Agfa Apogee, and PCC workflows. It supports TIFF 6.0, TIFF G3, TIFF G4, Packbit, and LZW compressed and uncompressed TIFF files. (Kodak Polychrome Graphics: www.kpgraphics.com).

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