LaCie Introduces RAID Updates

Biggest FW800 RAID offers four RAID levels; Two Big 2-disk RAID offers levels 0 and 1.

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LaCie has introduced two updated RAID solutions for both Windows and Mac: the Biggest FW800 4-bay RAID system with internal SATA drives and lockable drawers; and the Two Big 2-disk RAID, which includes USB and eSATA.

The Biggest FW800 RAID comes with four SATA disks at 250 GB each for the 1-TB model (or 500 GB each for a 2-TB model). A hardware controller is built in, freeing up the computer’s CPU and memory for other use. Four RAID levels are available: 0, 0+1, 5, and 5+spare. The subsystem’s new lockable hard-disk drawers prevent accidental removal or damage.

LaCie also has updated its Two Big 2-disk RAID to include USB 2.0 along with eSATA for universal access; this model replaces the company’s previous eSATA-only version. It’s an all-in-one solution for digital content creators who want to edit with eSATA and transport files with USB. A simple RAID selection switch allows users to format for protection or for speed. It comes in a sturdy metal case with a quiet fan and vents for heat dissipation. Disks are hot-swappable for expandability and the unit is hot-pluggable so it can be removed without having to power down the computer. The system comes pre-formatted in Fast mode (Raid 0) where the disks are striped together for maximum throughput. It can also be configured to Safe mode (Raid 1) in which data is mirrored for redundancy and will automatically rebuild in case of disk failure.


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