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Lamount's Cold Laminates

Indoor over-laminate films feature an aqueous acrylic blend pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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UK-based Lamount offers a variety of laminates for cold-lamination.

Its Indoor Quality Over-laminating Films include Gloss Vinyl, Gloss OPP, Satin Matte Vinyl, Matte Vinyl, and Sandtex Vinyl. All are coated with an aqueous acrylic blend pressure-sensitive adhesive. The 3.1-mil Gloss Vinyl film and the 2-mil Gloss OPP--a polypropylene film--are both used to give a glossy finish to displays. The 2.7-mil Satin Vinyl offers a luster finish to reduce glare on graphics and the 3-mil Matte Vinyl offers minimal reflection from lighting. The 4-mil Sandtex Vinyl offers a durable textured surface, which can be used on pop-up displays for scuff-resistance.

The company’s 3.1-mil monomeric vinyl Outdoor Quality Over-laminating Films are coated with a medium tack solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are available in Standard Gloss, Standard Satin, and standard Matte finishes.



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