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Lantana Develops Tool for Variable Data

Variform PDF Pro is Acrobat Plug-In

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Lantana's Variform PDF Pro is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that facilitates the use of a wider range of data formats for merging variable data into Acrobat forms. It eliminates the need for users to have the time or expertise to write custom Acrobat JavaScript code for data merging.

"Whether the need is simple form filling or sophisticated, personalized PDF generation, or anything in between, Variform PDF Pro providers users with the ability to easily combine their data with Acrobat forms," says Gary Armstrong, Lantana's CEO.

Users can choose data from any OBDC data source, Adobe FDF/XFDF files, or delimited text files and match Variform''s capabilities to their data source. Data can be merged to any Acrobat form, with the option of generating new merged PDFs or merging directly to a printer. A new feature in Variform Pro makes it possible to include variable images in the data source, as long as the images are in one of Acrobat's supported image file formats. (Lantana: www: lantanarips.com)

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