Laramie Rosenfeld Wins World Sign Spinning Championships

Ray Rivera places second, Mike Wright places third in 2011 competition.

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The 2011 World Sign Spinning Championships were held February 18-19 in Hollywood, California, where more than 60 of the fastest and most talented sign spinners vied for the “World’s Best” title. Laramie Rosenfeld spun away with the title of 2011 World Sign Spinning Champion, followed by last year’s winner, Ray Rivera, who placed second, and Mike Wright, who placed third.

Each sign spinner had to prepare a choreographed routine to a song of choice. All competitors were judged on their performance and showmanship, style, and originality, as well as technicality of trick knowledge and execution.

“Every year, we bring the best sign spinners from around the globe to one place so they can show off skills and push each other to higher levels of performance,” says AArrow Advertising COO Michael Kenny.

Complete rankings are available here:

The Sign Spinning Championships are sponsored by AArrow Advertising, the Los Angeles-based guerilla-marketing franchise; the company trains sign spinners around the world for events and marketing campaigns throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.


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