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LaserSoft Adapts Its Scanning Software for Digital Photography

Offers SilverFast Digital Camera 6 with Virtual Light Table

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LaserSoft Imaging has adapted its popular SilverFast Ai scanning software to meet the image-processing needs of digital photographers. SilverFast? Digital Camera 6 with Virtual Light Table? combines the functionality of SilverFast Ai with additional job-management and workflow capabilities.

With the software's Virtual Light Table (VLT) tools, digital photographers can organize and view images, print contact sheets, and choose which images should be transferred into SilverFast for processing.

SilverFast DC provides controls for color temperature, exposure, and red-eye reduction as well as features for removing defects, eliminating noise, and selective color correction. The adaptive color restoration feature can bring back faded colors and normalize over-saturated colors. The SC2G function converts color images to grayscale.

Pricing ranges from $138 for the basic package to $399 for a pro version that supports raw data from Nikon D1, Canon, Kodak DCS, DCR, ProBack, Fuji, Olympus, Minolta, and Sigma cameras. Demo versions can be downloaded from Lasersoft's website. (LaserSoft Imaging: 941-387-7574; www.silverfast.com)

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